About Kodanda Ramaswamy Temple

Kodanda Ramaswamy Temple, a heritage monument, is positioned south-east of the town. It was built in three phases and encompasses a dry pond nearby. The temple hosts an annual festival in the month of February, known as 'jatra'. This temple is designed in Hoysala style of architecture, whereas Garbhagriha and Sukanasi exhibit fine Dravidian artwork. Navagraha of the shrine was built in 14th century AD, while the Mukhamanatapa (porch) was constituted during 16th century AD. Moreover, the entrance of the temple was set up in the 17th century. Temple consists of six cornices in square basement, on which outer walls of the Garbhagriha and vestibule of the brick are raised. The Garbhagriha exhibits a common Hanuman pedestal having images of Lord Ram, Laxman and Sita. Prakara, the enclosed area, displays figures of Yoganarasimha, Vedanta, Deshika, Sugriva, Muddukrishna, Madhava and Ramanujacharya, belonging to the pre-Hoysala and Chalukya periods. The exterior of the Garbhagriha and Sukanasi represent Vishnu scriptures in all forms such as Hayagriva, Narasimha, Lakshminarayana, Venugopola, Kaliya-Mardana and Govardhanadhari.

Quick Facts

Timings 05:30 AM - 05:30 AM

Visit Duration: Minutes

Address: Hiremagalur, Karnataka 577102, India